Czech Flower Costume

Study Abroad | Spring 2014

During this semester I studied Fashion and Costume Design at the Prague Institute in the Czech Republic. The goal of this project was to complete a costume inspired by a given flower. My flower was, Adonanthe Vernalis, a common flower found in the Czech Republic. This flower normally is found growing in harsh conditions, such as on the sides of cliffs, rocks, or gravel. I used this idea as inspiration for my final garment.

The grey's and textures of the garment mimic the harsh edges of rocks or gravel, while the flowing head yellow head wrap/cape mimics the hidden flower amongst the rocks.

Photography by Marina Pappas



Prague Ironwork Dress

Study Abroad | Spring 2014

An A-line dress inspired by the ironwork found through out the city of Prague, in the Czech Republic. Constructed from a cotton, spandex blend with a hand embroidered collar. Before creating the embroidery pattern for the garment, I thoroughly researched traditional embroidery found in Eastern European countries such as the Czech Republic and Hungary. This pattern is a combination of technique and motif found in many traditional embroidery garments from this area of the world.

Responsible for Styling & Photoshoot location

Photography by Mallory Short  |  Modeling by Laken Geiger