Elme Updates

Currently I have been crazy busy with everything that has been going on this semester, bone jewelry, leatherwork instructing, bag instructing and ELME. I haven't added any updates on how the company has been going this past semester because Sarah Parks and I have been reevaluating our logo design and how we would like to represent ourselves within the company, along with refining and finalizing designs for mass production phase! We have finally defined our FINAL logo after many many tries and began designing the product tags for the pieces. We received a lot of great feedback at our last critique on how to emphasize the handmade quality and uniqueness of each individual piece through our marketing and branding, which we have really taken into a lot of consideration. Here are some of the business card, postcard, product tags and final logo design! We have also been working on creating a website for the company as well to create awareness for the various collaborations and donations we have been lucky enough to receive. Check it out at elmehandmade.com